What's in a Name?

It has been fascinating to learn what branding is and can do, even for an unfinished product such as bulk wine.

Merlot is a case in point as to what branding can do.  We have had clients send the same wine out to buyers labeled as Merlot and as a Bordeaux Blend. 

Both wines represent truth in advertising.  All wines are blends by nature.  Even if they are a blend of 100% Merlot, they are a blend of various barrels, vineyards, vinification styles, and time.  Merlot is a Bordelais varietal, and fits the description of a Bordeaux blend. 

The results on landed deals on a Merlot sale versus a Bordeaux blend, not to mention the average sale price per gallon are higher across the board.

Similarly, Riesling with small amounts of red wine blended into it, and sold as blush wine, has a much greater rate of sales as well as a higher average price.

We all learn as we go, but this info is greatly helpful to us as we try to bring more knowledge of the bulk wine market to our buyer.