2016 Vintage is Big and Beautiful

The 2016 vintage in the Pacific Northwest was an elegant combination of many vintages wrapped into one.

Bud break started early with a record warm spring, but summer time cool downs, and the best hang time weather in 10 years in September (75 degree days, 50 degree nights) led to wines preserving more of their natural acidity than in year's past, and flavors were allowed to phenolically mature without escalating brix forcing picking decisions.

Crop loads in Oregon were lighter, significantly over their preceding 3 vintages, but quality was excellent.  A warm, but not hot vintage, that allowed for elegant maturing, but also permitted picking being completed before the rains set in.  Inventories will be limited, elevating pricing, but quality should over deliver in comparison to North Coast and Central Coast Quality/Price Comparisons

If ever there were a time to buy into the Washington bulk wine market, it would be this vintage. Crop loads came in heavy across the board.  The additional opportunity remains in corporate operations not bringing in overages, as in year's past, and many growers were left holding excess.  This may open the door for production contracts and fruit contracts that were not available previously for 2017.

As wines finish ML and become market ready, we will be releasing info on different varietal opportunities from 2016.  Rest assured, they are all opportunities in this buyers' market worth considering.