The Value of a Relationship

What myriad changes we have seen in the Pacific Northwest wine industry over the past decade.  We have seen vigorous growth, a much broader reception of Pacific Northwest wines in the national market, a swell of outside interest looking to capitalize on what they see as vast growth to come.

At Incredible Bulk Wine Company, we have been fostering and building relationships with our sellers to understand their winemaking style, sales results versus their production loads, and assisting them to meet their business demand horizons.  Every buyer, too, has their own style.  Sending limitless samples and forcing our buyers to weed out volumes of unwanted wines, hoping something sticks, was never our intent.  We understand there is a synergy between some of our buyers and sellers that we work to protect and ensure.  We value the time, energy, and effort of all of our working partners, and look to add more value this year.

With a vast expanding network in the Californian and International bulk wine markets, we can deliver a multitude of new and diverse opportunities.  We are selling wines in much larger volumes than ever before to aid in the bumper crops of 2016 in Washington and 2017 in Oregon.  The salubrity of all of our clients are at the core of our belief system.