How Deep is the Ocean? How high is the sky?

Ella Fitzgerald, arguably the greatest American chanteuse, asked this question 75 years ago.

Now, the global wine industry is beginning to ask this question about the Pacific Northwest.

If you follow the wine industry, it is clear to all that of the Mergers and Acquisitions taking place in the United States wine industry, more than half took place in Washington or Oregon last year.  Buyers from France, Spain, Italy, Canda, and the Napa cognoscenti are swarming this region.  New references pop up monthly for the newest acquisitions set to take place.

The increasing levels of investment in this region prove how undervalued, underplanted, and underdeveloped these regions are.  Buyers are encouraged by the idea that the ceiling for this market may be unreachable in the current generation's professional career duration.  Some say the greatest plantings of this region aren't yet in the ground, or may be going in the ground now.

In terms of bulk wine feasibility, there couldn't have been better, or larger opportunities than what now exists in red wines from Washington from 2016 and Oregon in 2017.  With a shrinking demand from the region's largest producer, the tidal wave of opportunity is at a trough with an impending crest that is unknown in shape or dimension, but what is known is that it will be tremendous.