Production Contracts a Service on the Horizon

As we continue to develop networks out of the region, a new opportunity has risen with that of production contracts on tanker volumes and beyond.

For press and go, or press-ferment- and go, there seem to be great opportunities in freeze affected Eastern and Midwestern states to entertain these ideas.

The last two years have decimated vineyard capacities in the Eastern US, and created a venue for Northwestern wineries, producing higher quality QPR wines than California based competitors.

We will continue to aggressively work this marketplace through and into harvest.

Popularity of Rhone Red Wines

Winemakers bemoan the fact that they love to make Rhone wines, but they are difficult to sell to the public.  Rhone wines from Washington make up some of the highest scoring, most popular wines in the area.  Unfortunately, the wine consuming public hasn't caught up to the fact that a Syrah can be as compelling as any Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir.

This creates an opportunity for winemakers looking to soften, richen, or broaden their wines aromatically or in terms of mouthfeel.  Rhone wines add depth and volume to red blends, and can even be used supplimentarily in Cab blends or in red blends.  

Our greatest number of sample requests this month have come from winemakers looking for Rhone wines to complete and soften red blends.

Grenache, Merlot, Riesling, Very Popular

Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay tend to be the varietals most commonly clamored for and sold by wineries across the United States.

However, we have had a call recently for varietals that fly under the radar in terms of national sales exposure.

The quality to price ratio in Riesling from Washington and Oregon is through the roof.  In container loads, Riesling has been sold this year as low as $4/gallon, and sold in wines that retail between $10 and $15/bottle ($0.80/bottle wine cost).  This is a runaway moneymaker for talented wine sellers

Red blends retailing between $15 and $22/bottle are finding high quality values in Washington Merlot and Rhone blenders (between $12 and $18/gallon).  

With the right label, and in the hands of the right marketer, there are entrepreneurial opportunities abound in the Pacific Northwest wine market.

Bulk Wine Sales Remain Active

In 2014, bulk wine sales slowed to a stand still in early June.  This year however, bulk sales remain active.  

We received new requests for Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, Columbia Valley Pinot Gris, Washington Cabernet, Washington Chardonnay, and Washington Muscat.

We also made sales this week on Walla Walla Syrah, Walla Walla Cabernet Sauvignon and Ancient Lakes Pinot Gris.

We have increased marketing efforts and continue to pursue new clients and markets.

Incredible Bulk Wine Company

Life is full of important lessons, and every cloud has a silver lining.

Due to trademark issues, we have renamed our company, and we like the new name even better than the last one!  

Incredible Bulk Wine Company will continue to provide you the best in bulk wines from the Pacific Northwest, and we look forward to maintaining and improving upon our established relationships, as well as forging new ones.

Thank you all for your continued support and patronage.

2013s and 2014s are in a rush to the (bulk) market

Red wine sales of 2013 and 2014 bulk wines are at an all time high from our experience in the bulk wine market.  We had large sales in 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013 Malbec, Merlot, and BDX style red blends this week. 

We also saw a good deal of movement on 2014 Riesling and 2013 Pinot Gris for our market in Texas.  The need in Texas for quality Pacific Northwest bulk wine is large, and we are just scratching the surface with the potential of this market.


Emerging Bulk Markets

There are several new bulk markets emerging on our radar in the past few months.

We have sold over 10,000 gallons of bulk wines in Tennessee over the past month.

Indiana has emerged as a market with a strong interest in Cab, Merlot, Cab Franc, and myriad white varieties.  Thousands of gallons headed to multiple wineries there.

Virginia has been a strong white wine market all year.  We are sending our third tanker of Riesling there this month.

We continue to explore new markets, and are in a focused direct marketing campaign to California wineries.

We are excited by all of these new opportunities, and seek to find more emerging markets for Pacific Northwest bulk wines.

Cabernet and Pinot reign supreme

Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir continue to be our lead sellers for the 8th straight week. There has been interest in Riesling, Viognier, and Sauvignon Blanc, particularly in "non-traditional" markets like Texas, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Wineries East of the Mississippi have been our biggest growth segment, as there appears to be real interest in quality bulk wines in these areas.  

March Madness

Last week saw a new heightened pace for the bulk wine market in the Pacific Northwest.

We are seeing a great deal of new interest in Indiana, North Carolina,Texas, Tennesse some of your traditional March Madness powerhouse states.

The importance  for building out of region markets has been huge as the West Coast has experienced back to back to back large, and quality filled vintages.  

Hopefully the weather holds up, and doesn't cause the kind of madness we don't want in vineyards across the Pacific Northwest.

In Like a Lion

Bulk Activity is continuing on its trend upwards as we start March.  

Sales Today Include

1500 Gallons of 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon

880 Gallons of 2013 Merlot

550 Gallons of Syrah

275 Gallons of Sauvignon Blanc

Please contact us regarding lots of particular interest so we can ensure wines in inventory.


The peak of Bulk Wine season

Bulk Wine in the Pacific Northwest is at its peak between now and mid-April.  Whites from 2014 and red wines from 2013 are going into bottle soon across the wine industry.  Now is the time to capitalize on these opportunities.  Much of the bulk market slows drastically from July through harvest.  There are great wines listed available at high quality/price ratios throughout our listing.

Bulk Market Picking up Steam in the Northwest

A lot of bulk wine moving early on this week to wineries in Virginia, Napa, and Washington

This week we have seen movement on 

2012 Walla Walla Bordelais varietals

2014 Washington Chardonnay

2014 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

2013 Washington Zinfandel

The next few months are the most active on the bulk market in Washington and Oregon

New Wines Come on as Chardonnay Continues to Sell

We have added a good deal of additional inventory as the bulk wine cycle is spooling up from the mammoth 2014 vintage in Washington and Oregon.

There are some excellent newly listed values in Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Aromatic Whites, and Merlot.

Riesling is available as low as $3/gallon in tanker volumes, and Merlot is available in similarly sized loads (6,000 gallons) at $8/gallon.

It is a buyer's market now for sure.

Cabernet Sold/New Wines For Sale

We are busier than we have ever been at Bulk Wine Access!  12,500 gallons of 2014 Columbia Valley Cabernet was sold today, and we have several new clients coming online as sellers this week.

We have 30,000 new gallons listed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah.  
All of these wines carry excellent value with regards to their quality to price ratio.  Over delivering on quality, price, and service are the mantras by which we stand.

Ultra Premium Wines Sold

We had a great start to the week selling the following wines.  All sales were entire lot sizes.

Walla Walla B 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, 1700 Gallons, $23/gallon   

Walla Walla E 2013 Merlot, 1360 Gallons, $22/Gallon  

Walla Walla E 2013 Cabernet Franc, 720 Gallons, $22/Gallon    

Walla Walla D 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, 840 Gallons, $25/Gallon

Walla Walla D 2013 Syrah, 1140 Gallons, $18/Gallon                                                                             


Zinfandel is a rare opportunity in the Washington bulk wine market.  We have just gotten some great Zinfandel from the renowned Stone Tree Vineyard, now available for sale.  The wine is plush and fruit driven, offering great length and density.  PLease contact us for samples of this wine, as we don't expect it to last long.

Willamette Valley Chardonnay in High Demand, Low Supply

There has been a rash of great press with regards to Willamette Valley Chardonnay in the national media, including this great story in the New York times

The mineral laden, texture-rich Chardonnays that come out of the WIllamette Valley are in high demand by Sommeliers due to their food friendly acidity.  

We have some great Willamette Valley Chardonnays listed and priced competitively at

Great new Wines on the Website

We have added some great new Cab, Bordelais Reds, Chardonnay, and Rhone red wines to their respective pages.  There are some great values in these newly available bulk wines.

Please contact us at if interested.

2015 Outlook on Pacific Northwest Bulk Wines

Happy New Year to the Wine Industry.  This year looks to be one full of tremendous opportunity in the wine business, especially as it pertains to bulk wines from the Pacific Northwest.

Washington and Oregon both had a high quality and record-setting harvests in terms of volume in 2014.  There are over delivering values in 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah.

2013 Bordelais varieties are showing great promise from Washington, and are readily available between $18-22/gallon

There are bottle ready 2012s available at tremendous value in terms of price, quantity, and quality.  

There are also great opportunities in aromatic whites from Oregon and Washington.

We open the 2015 vintage with nothing but opportunities and excitement on the horizon, and wish the same to all of you.

Happy New Year!

Bulk Activity Steady through Holidays

Most businesses see a dramatic slow down in weeks 51 and 52 of the year.  The bulk wine market between Christmas and New Year's hasn't been the same case.  We have sold 1,000 gallons of Oregon Pinot Gris, 600 gallons of Walla Walla Valley Cab, 480 gallons of Walla Walla Valley Roussanne, and 300 gallons of Chelan Pinot.  We expect the bulk wine market between January and April to be fast moving with the high yield harvests in Washington and Oregon in 2014.  A lot of good business opportunities out there.